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Make Your Fire Equipment Last: Here's How

Posted by Feld Fire on 1/26/2016 to Fire Equipment
Properly maintaining your equipment as a firefighter is absolutely necessary. More than any other career, your equipment needs to be trustworthy and durable enough to do the job that it is designed for. If your equipment fails you when you need it the most, you will not only lose money but you could also lose lives. You can give your equipment a longer life by properly maintaining it, and testing it on a regular basis.

Breaking Down Fire Apparatus

Posted by on 12/21/2015 to Fire Equipment

Ever wonder how the water gets from the firetruck to the burning structure? We know fire apparatus pretty well, and thought you might want to understand how fire trucks work. There are a number of types of hoses on a fire engine. Ever one of them has a role they play in putting out a fire. These hoses are also called lines and each puts out a different amount of water depending on the diameter of the hose and the pressure of the pump attached. The fire apparatus is equipped with everything to help firefighters be successful, with gear and technology to extinguish a fire. 

Understand What to Do in a Fire

Posted by on 12/9/2015 to Fire Safety
Home Fire: What You Need to Know

Did you know that 2500 people die every year in the United States due to fires in their homes? Many, many more are injured. The amount of property that is lost in home fires is up there in the billions of dollars. The sad part of this is that many of these fires can easily be prevented. We just need to help each other understand the basic characteristics of fire. So let's learn about fire in hopes we can help prevent even just one. It will be worth it!

Understanding Wildfires

Posted by on 11/10/2015 to Fire News
Understanding the causes of wildfires and the Fire Danger levels can lead to improved fire safety. Humans cause 90% of wildland fires, and all these fires are preventable. By learning the causes of wildfires and knowing the Fire Danger levels, we hope to raise awareness of wildfire prevention.

Firefighting Safety

Posted by Feld Fire on 9/29/2014 to Fire Safety
Firefighting operations often include very high risk activities that can occur in any weather conditions, and at any time of day. Fire safety officers and line officers are responsible for assuming all risks and making the decisions for the entire fire department. Firefighting is inherently dangerous, but that does not mean that death or disabilities are acceptable or inevitable, these responsibilities tend to fall on every single member of the fire department to watch and advise about dangers that will affect them and/or other members of the firefighting crew.

Could A $20 Per Firefighter Investment Save Lives?

Posted by Feld Fire on 9/22/2014 to Fire Fighting
Of all the daily decisions and responsibilities in the command of a fire department the number one concern of nearly every leader is safety. If a captain can figure out how to shave valuable seconds off of response time or find a better hose pattern, they call it a win. However, nothing matches their level of concern for the area of personnel accountability.

The Game Plan Changes, Like It Or Not

Posted by Feld Fire on 9/10/2014
Those of us on the fireground every day know all about change. A fire scene is not linear and predictable; it is dynamic and unpredictable, even from minute to minute. We have to be flexible and adaptable and be able to think quickly on our feet or lives could be lost.

Feds Consider Wildfire Funding Reform Bill

Posted by Feld Fire on 9/10/2014 to Fire Fighting
This has been a pretty tough last few years for wildfires in the U.S., especially in the western states. Over the last five years in California, for example, firefighters have had to prepare for an average (average!) of more 3,000 wildfires every year - or about 250 every month, or about eight per day. Eight per day!

Working with Lift Bags?

Posted by Feld Fire on 9/10/2014 to Fire Equipment
Lift bags can be very important tools for fire rescue operations. If you are not familiar, lift bags are highly pressurized air bags that help lift patients or victims to safety.

Reputation Is Important

Posted by Feld Fire on 9/8/2014 to Fire Fighting
When celebrities like actors and athletes end up making the headlines negatively, people remember their names for some time to come. When people employed in the area of public safety are featured in the headlines negatively, the public doesn’t remember the individual, but instead, they remember the occupation and even the city associated with the story.
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