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Fire & Safety

Trust the gear that goes with you, whenever duty calls.

Enhanced gear that withstands the fight because the gear you wear makes all the difference.

  • Choose your facepiece

    Our facepieces offer subtle differences for an optimized wearing experience that suits your needs.  Consider SCBA compatibility, flame and heat resistance technology, and mask placement, as well as size and fit needs. 

    3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece

    3M™ Scott™ AV 3000 HT Facepiece

  • Choose your cylinder

    Consider SCBA compatible cylinder options including valve type, material, pressure, and air duration.  3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety offers 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 75-minutes rate durations, as well as a 30-year extension the life of your cylinder.  

    3M™ Scott™ Cylinders

  • Choose your communications & imaging

    With a range of options for communication and thermal imaging, consider the technological enhancement options that will meet your needs on the ground.  


    3M™ Scott™ EPIC 3 RDI Voice Communications


    3M™ Scott™ Sight In-Mask Thermal Imager

    3M™ Scott™ V320 Thermal Imager

  • Choose your accountability options

    With real-time status updates on team members, the accountability package increases safety by providing commanders with details to make decisions that keep everyone safe.  

     3M™ Scott™ Monitor Telemetry Software Solution


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