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ARFF Gloves (Proximity)

Feld Fire is always your first choice for the top quality fire fighting equipment and tools you need, no matter what kind of fire you're fighting. No one has more experience when it comes to providing professional firefighters with the most dependable and durable fire products at extremely reasonable prices. From our complete catalog of protective and safety apparel to the newest tools and accessories for your truck, there something for every fire fighter at Feld Fire. Take a look through all of the sections of fire fighting items and supplies by using our convenient site menu to the left of each page, and if you enjoy reading about fire fighting in the real world, check out our fire fighting blog located here.

Different fires call for different gear, and when it comes to ARFF - Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting - nobody produces better ARFF Proximity Gloves than Shelby. Their 5200G model delivers unmatched reflective heat protection, even in between the fingers, where many other gloves fall short. The barrier fabric is the GORE RT7100 fabric, voted as the best in the world for this type of application. Further proximity protection is provided by the aluminized PBI/Kevlar firewall, while the back of the hand gets an extra SteamBlock pad to keep the heat at bay. We also carry the accessory straps and glove holders to help keep your gear organized, so click to order below, and if we can assist you during your order, please let us know by calling 800-568-2403.
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