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Auto Charge 20/20
Auto Charge 20/20

Auto Charge 20/20

Part Number:091-20/20
Retail Price:$1,081.70
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This battery charger has a 20 ampere output for a single 12 volt battery system, and an additional 20 amp power supply for 12 volt auxiliary electrical loads


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Automatically Charges Battery
20 Amps for Charging Vehicle Battery
Built-In 20 Amp Battery Saver
Separate Ammeter Indicates Both Charger Output and Battery Saver Output
Designed Specifically for Single Battery Vehicles
Rugged Construction for Vehicle Mounting
No Water Boil Off
The Auto Charge 20/20 is a fully automatic battery charger with a very high output for vehicles with a single battery system. Remote voltage sensing is provided to compensate the charger output for the voltage drop in the charging wires. It is ruggedly constructed for mounting in the vehicle. May be used for positive and negative ground systems.
A 20 ampere Battery Saver is provided to power rechargeable hand lights or other accessories. The Battery Saver automatically disconnects these accessory loads from the battery and powers them from an internal power supply. This removes the accessory loads from the battery during charging.
Input: 120 volts, 50/60 Hz, 8 amps
Output, Vehicle Battery: 12 volts, 20 amperes
Battery Saver: Output volts 12 VDC Output current 20 amps max.
Battery Charger: for 12 volt battery Output current 20 amps max.
Indicators: Power - indicates input power applied
Battery Saver - 0-25 amperes meter
Battery Charger - 0-25 amperes meter
Weight: 21 pounds
Warranty: 3 Years

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