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Auto Ejects

There are four different options for fire stations looking for auto eject. There is an option for every budget, and there are also several options for those looking for a weather proof auto eject. They are built to be mounted on the sides of fire trucks, and it saves fire stations a lot of money in broken cables that used to occur when people forgot to remove the shore line before they drive away. Firefighters will love the peace of mind that even if they forget something in the heat of the moment, they are not going to have to worry about the shore line.

The auto eject automatically disconnects the power line, and the weather proof auto eject isn't affected by water. Firefighters don't have to worry about equipment being damaged in extreme weather. The air eject is also in this category, it will automatically disconnect the air line. The air eject eliminates broken air lines, and it even comes with a two year warranty. It also is specifically designed to work on fire trucks and allows fire stations to save time and money they may have lost if somebody forgot to disconnect them.

All of these items are available in a wide price range, so that any fire station can afford one. The weather proof auto eject is also great for firefighters who worry about the durability of this equipment. In the long run, the amount spent on these is offset by the amount that is saved in cables that were not disconnected. It keeps vehicles running safely and saves time.
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