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Battering Rams
Battering Rams

Battering Rams

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One or Two Man Rams

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1 Man Ram
2 Man Ram

 With the 1 - 2 Punch Weight 40+ lbs. of long lasting epoxy/steel construction. Only 30 inches long with two forward handles and one rear, but enough for the second man to hold. Exclusive celtex shock absorbing grips. The highest kinetic impact of any battering ram on the market with 40,000 lbs. of force. One man has 1 handle, 2 man has 2 handles.


ONE MAN BATTERING RAM - Made with 30 inches of steel encased densacrete. The highest impact RAM on the market. Striking the surface with 30,000 lbs. of force with its 40+ lbs. mixture of epoxy steel poured on each end. The only patented "One Man Ram" (Patent # 4,681,171) held by Bob Farrell of Fire Hooks Unlimited Inc. The Copy Cats encase theirs in plastic casings, which breaks quite easily (especially in winter). WE BOOST THE BEST ONE MAN RAM AVAILABLE.

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