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Breaking Down Fire Apparatus

Posted by on 12/21/2015 to Fire Equipment

Fire Engines - How they Work

Ever wonder how the water gets from the firetruck to the burning structure? We know fire apparatus pretty well, and thought you might want to understand how fire trucks work. There are a number of types of hoses on a fire engine. Ever one of them has a role they play in putting out a fire. These hoses are also called lines and each puts out a different amount of water depending on the diameter of the hose and the pressure of the pump attached. The fire apparatus is equipped with everything to help firefighters be successful, with gear and technology to extinguish a fire. 

The Function of a Fire Engine / Fire Truck

The fire truck apparatus is the biggest tool in a firefighter's arsenal when it comes to tackling fires, which can gobble up homes and businesses in just minutes. Time is of the essence when it comes to a fire, and having the right equipment is of the upmost importance. The fire apparatus needs to carry firefighters, pump large volumes of water from multiple potential sources over potentially large distances, to extinguish a fire before it causes a total loss, or worse yet a loss of life. 

Typically, a fire truck has to carry about 500 gallons of water. It also needs to be able to draw water from other sources such as hydrants, lakes, or other water sources near the fire. So what makes up a fire truck? Here's what commonly will be aboard:

  • Larger Apparatus carry 1000 feet of hose on averageFire Apparatus Explained
  • All trucks and engines carry multiple hoses so that many firefighters have the ability to work at the same time
  • There are also different types of hoses
  • Hose nozzles: Soft, hard spray and also fine mist for different situations
  • pumping unit with controls
  • Potentially, a tank of foam might be included for chemical fires
  • Tools such as axes, rams, blades, cutters to access the fire where ever it burns
  • Ladders, extension ladders
  • Fire suits
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Fire boots
Other Fire Apparatus includes rescue vehicles which carry jacks, airbags and other tools as well as ambulances for injuries sustained during a fire. Feld Fire is your home for all of these types of equipment, from the fire hose nozzles to any of the fire apparatus mentioned above. 

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