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Compressor Systems

Shopping for an air compressor system for your facility or fire truck? Feld Fire specializes in supplying only the best in breathing air compressors. These include single position, highly mobile fill stations, to fill DOT, and UNICUS vertical and horizontal total compressor units. These units only feature the most highly rated pressure regulators, pig tailings, and extra-long fill hoses. They also have internal structures that guarantee even cylinder pressure equalization. 

What Kind of Compressor Systems Do We Offer?

We have the latest pigtailed cascade cylinder system offerings. The pigtailed cascade cylinder system allows for the pressure to be equalized throughout the cylinders. We offer the compressor system in 4500 PSI DOT and 6000 PSI DOT cylinders. These United Nations certified cylinders carry a 10 Year Hydro-Test frequency. The compressor system cylinders are 9.41" in diameter and 51" long, connected by flexible pigtails. Capacity is 444 cubic feet per cylinder and each cylinder has a total weight of 150 lb. The standard 4500 PSI DOT and 6000 PSI DOT pigtailed cascade cylinder systems include cylinders, tees, pigtails, rack, and cap & chain. In addition to the standard pigtailed cascade cylinder system, there’s an option for a deluxe system (RFH option) purchase. The deluxe system (RFH option) includes a HPR-1 High Pressure Regulator and a FH-347 Fill Hose with an overall length of 6'. Choose anywhere from 2 to 8 cylinders in your order to meet your individual needs. An 8 cylinder system has a total of 3,552 cubic feet capacity! 

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