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Crash Rescue, Proximity

It is common knowledge that when an individual is more comfortable, he or she is able to think more clearly and perform better on the job. When it comes to our brave men and women putting their lives on the line to rescue others, it is important to give them the best possible fire and rescue gear with which to elicit the best possible performance. VECTOR proximity gear protects against the most extreme radiant heat, maintaining a level of comfort that will allow the wearer to perform at his or her best when it really counts and lives are on the line.

VECTOR proximity gear features Yoc/Strap drag rescue device, Nomex Q8 thermal liner, Stedair 3000 moisture barrier, inspection port liner style, aluminized PBI/Kevlar 1098 outer shell, UL certification, and meets or exceeds NFPA 1971 and OSHA requirements for fire and rescue gear.

The fire proximity suit aluminized shroud & bonnet will not interfere with the SBCA while in use. It is designed to be used with the Metro 660C and the Cairns 1010 and 1040 helmets. The fire proximity suit aluminized shroud & bonnet is made up of an aluminized PBI/Kevlar layer, inner layer, and vapor barrier.

The Shelby Proximity Glove is designed with the challenges of the firefighter in mind, offering reflective/radiant heat protection not only on the top of the hand and fingers, but the sides and in between the fingers as well, utilizing seven ounces of aluminized PBI/Kevlar knit. The Shelby Proximity Glove also includes special grip surfaces on the palms and utilizes Gore RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric, Firewall, and Steamblock for superior performance and protection.

Perhaps the most important component of proximity gear is helmet faceshields. In extreme conditions without a quality faceshield, a firefighter would be rendered as helpless as the fire victims needing rescue. Cairns helmet faceshields come in 4" or 6" sizes and are available in TUFFSHIELD, standard, or gold plated.

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