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Before you can treat or extricate a victim, the scene has to be secure. Stabilizing a vehicle, or other unsteady surroundings is necessary for the safety of the rescue workers and the victim. The Shark Collapsible Step Cribbing provides reliable, strong cribbing for vehicle accidents and other rescues. Shark has a general-purpose standard size cribbing for most vehicle extrication. For SUV's and higher vehicles, they make large size cribbing to handle the extra height of an unstable vehicle or other hazards. Vehicle assignments can determine which size would work best.

What Are the Benefits of Shark Cribbing?

Traditional woodblock sets and plastic cribbing take up a lot of space in the rig. The large size cribbing from Shark can be folded down to only 5½ inches high. Two units can be stacked, taking up less space than two side-by-side units do. The teeth on the Shark Collapsible Step Cribbing also help it bite into most surfaces and prevent slippage. There can be stability and contamination issues with wood and plastic. If needed, the metal surfaces of the Shark Collapsible Step Cribbing can be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

When seconds count, you want your crew to be able to secure a scene and start to work. The safety of others relies on them having the equipment and training they need to do the best possible job. Large and standard size cribbing work hard enough to earn their places on the rig. To get yours, shop online today or give us a call!

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