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Denko 6% AFFF

Denko 6% AFFF

Part Number:DFC-858
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6% AFFF Years of research have resulted in our ability to manufacture a 6% aqueous film forming foam concentrate that gives high performance equal to the leading brand with a price that is a least 30% less. Since 1979 this product has been evaluated, purchased and reordered by thousands of firefighting organizations including the fire departments of Rensselaer County, NY; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Jennings, LA; Little Rock, AR; Shelby County, TN; Mesa, AZ; Provo, UT and Los Angeles County, CA, to name a few. Following our strict standards for quality, Denko 6% AFFF offers quick knockout, long residual and most importantly a continuously sealing film that results in eliminating any chance of reignition. Although designed for hazardous liquid spills, this concentrate also offers enough flexibility to be used in most class "B" situations. Add an indefinite shelf-life and you've got all the reasons needed to add Denko 6% AFFF to your next budget.

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