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Denko Alcohol AFFF 3% - 6%
Alcohol AFFF 3% - 6%

Denko Alcohol AFFF 3% - 6%

Part Number:DAT-856
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ALCOHOL AFFF 3% - 6% . Single or Double Strength, A multi-purpose product specially designed for use on hydrocarbons as well as polar solvents or water miscible flammable liquids such as alcohol, gasahol, ketones, and amides. Allowing for high quality at a reasonable price, this product offers extremely fast knockout, high fluidity, long residual and no re-ignition. Used at 3% for hydrocarbons and 6% for polar solvents provides the versatility needed today. No special equipment is required, any standard foam system is fine. This product has also been freeze protected, boasts an indefinite shelf-life and like all our foams can be used with salt or fresh water. Mix our double strength with equal parts water to save almost 20% on product and 50% on shipping.


  • Extremely fast knockout
  • High-fluidity
  • Long residual
  • No reignition
  • Highly versatile
  • No special equipment required
  • Freeze-protected
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Can be used with salt or fresh water
  • Double strength is twice the concentration and can save an average of 30% - 40% on foam costs.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet.
*Sold in 5 and 55 gal. containers.

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