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Denko Flash Preventing Emulsifier
Flash Preventing Emulsifier

Denko Flash Preventing Emulsifier

Part Number:DEM-852A
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Flash Preventing Emulsifier, Most flammable liquid spills are not ignited, yet the most common method for dealing with the situation is by using foam. Not only is this very costly, but you still have to clean up the mess afterward. And what do you do if the spill has gone into the sewer system? For most everyday spills use our emulsifier poured directly in at a rate of 20 to 1 (10 to 1 for extremely volatile liquids), agitate and flush with water until milky. The area will be totally safe from the ignition, doubly protected with an added film forming agent and the hazardous liquid broken down for easy and natural cleanup. For the large spills, you use the same product at a 1% flow through a conventional foam system, a little more agitation and flush away the problem. It's biodegradable, has an indefinite shelf-life and at a fraction of the cost of foam is definitely the biggest breakthrough in firefighting technology in years.

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