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Denko Hose Cleaner Concentrate
Hose Cleaner Concentrate

Denko Hose Cleaner Concentrate

Part Number:DHC-115
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Hose Cleaner Concentrate, Maintenance of fire hose has always been a burden for fire departments. With our unique hose cleaner the job is made faster, easier and cheaper. This concentrate will dilute 200 to 1 with water when using a bucket and brush and up to 300 to 1 in high pressure hose washers. All you have to do is simply brush or spray it on, let it sit for a minute then hose or rise it off. One application will remove the heaviest build-up of mud, caked on dirt, light grease and oil and even some road tars picked up on hot days. Because of a revolutionary new preserving agent we have incorporated into this product, years of life will be added to your hose with a protective coating that surrounds each fiber. It also contains a rust preventative to aid in protecting couplings and fittings. This product is also biodegradable and as an extra bonus, performs as an excellent all purpose cleaner in the fire house, for coats, boots and helmets.

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