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Denko Wetting Agent Concentrate
Wetting Agent Concentrate

Denko Wetting Agent Concentrate

Part Number:DWC-2178
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Wetting Agent Concentrate, This product is a far the most economical and effective wetting agent on the market today. Unlike other products that dilute 250 to 1 with water and offer penetration of about 200%, our material dilutes at a tremendous rate of 4000 to 1 and up to 8000 to 1 for mop-up situations and is rated 300-500% in penetration. This product is totally non-corrosive and will never harm any equipment because it contains its own built-in tank saver and rust preventative. Taking it a step further, we have also incorporated an 18% friction reducer into the product. Basically, we have combined and concentrated three different products normally purchased separately and we offer it to you at one-fifth the cost of any one product bought elsewhere. This means that just one pint will treat, preserve and lubricate a 500 gallon tank. In addition, this same product is biodegradable, non-irritating and has an indefinite shelf-life.

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