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Disaster Equipment

For firemen out in the field, the right equipment can make the difference between life and death for both the citizens they are assisting, and the firemen themselves. Disaster situations present multiple hazards that can arise without warning. It is essential that firemen have all the necessary supplies and protective gear on hand each time they meet the call for help. A general disaster supply pack keeps firemen ready for any obstacle. Having a disaster supply pack for each individual officer increases the efficiency with which a potentially lethal situation can be handled. But preparation needs to be considered both out in the field and at home base. An initial disaster stocking kit at the station allows the department to be ready for situations that can arise even close to home. Having an initial disaster stocking kit in bulk can also allow you to have back-up supplies should the need in the field exceed what your men have on hand.

Among the many dangers in a disaster scenario is disease. Few departments are equipped to handle such a threat adequately. But in a world of constant global travel, the danger is growing exponentially. An influenza kit for every man helps to fortify your readiness. But one influenza kit is hardly enough for true protection of the public. A 4 person influenza kit on every truck can protect citizens in the event of serious outbreaks. By being prepared for large outbreaks, firemen can assist through handing out a 1 person influenza kit to individuals or a 4 person influenza kit to large groups of citizens. The 1 person influenza kit also provides valuable protection to officers that are forced to go into areas where there is a widespread contagion.

Firemen also face the responsibility of bringing order to the panic that can incur during disasters. Bag wrist retainers are portable, safe way of controlling citizens that react badly to dangerous situations. Citizens can often present a threat to themselves and others when experiencing the fear associated with highly deadly situations. The bag wrist retainers are a crucial piece of equipment that allows officers to restrain individuals so that they are free to meet the needs of larger groups that are threatened. A hazardous chemical suit bag is also crucial when facing potentially unknown dangers. Fires and disastrous can release chemicals and toxins that may not always be detectable. Having a hazardous chemical suit bag on-hand will prevent damage from this kind of threat.

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