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E-One Apparatus


Ed M. Feld Equipment Co., Inc. became the dealer for E-ONE apparatus in early 2008 for Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, NW Missouri and NE Kansas. We made the move to E-ONE to broaden the product line that we can offer to you, the customer. The quality of E-ONE trucks is second to none. They are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer located in Ocala FL and sell apparatus worldwide. They currently boast over 23,000 vehicles in service!
We are able to offer apparatus of any type from a single source manufacturer which means any E-ONE apparatus in our territory can be serviced with one phone call to Ed M. Feld Equipment Co., Inc. Whether it be warranty service, out of warranty service or parts that you need we will take care of your needs. We currently have 3 Mobile Service Techs and 3 In House Techs to take care of your department's fleet of vehicles. Ed M. Feld Equipment Co., Inc. is your one call for parts, service, warranty, training and service manuals for E-ONE apparatus.
E-ONE uses aluminum construction in their vehicles for many reasons, among them:
  • Aluminum is resistant to corrosion which leads to lower maintenance costs and longer life for your apparatus.
  • Aluminum is lighter than steel which leads to less wear and tear on your vehicles engine, brakes, suspension, etc. which translates to longer life for your apparatus.
  • The less your vehicle weighs the more equipment and supplies you can carry.
  • All-Aluminum ladder has a natural finish that never needs painting over the life of the apparatus.
E-ONE uses aluminum in both their plating and extrusions which makes for an extremely strong, lightweight body and cab that is very durable for many years. E-ONE pioneered the use of aluminum in their vehicles, which has become an industry standard.
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