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Euramco 21" GX400 Ventilator with Honda GX200
21" GX400 Ventilator with Honda GX200

Euramco 21" GX400 Ventilator with Honda GX200

Part Number:GE5022
Your Price: $3,651.00
Traditional RAMFAN ventilation fans certainly have their place. Tried and true, tested and trusted, they’ve been with you for five, ten, even 15 years. And they’ve never let you down. However, there comes a time when a new innovation in equipment technology makes you reconsider everything you’ve always thought about PPV. That time is now: 

RAMFAN’s GX Series with PowerStream Ventilation. PowerStream ventilation results from a state-of-the-art combination of a fan impeller and stator that takes the cone of air you’ve always used for PPV and tightens it to keep it focused over longer distances without losing significant power. You still get the same, dependable flow of air to ventilate a structure, you can just do it from farther away. 


  • GX Ventilators with PowerStream allow 8–32ft/2.4–9.7m setback from your access point!
  • No more fans in your way while you get in and victims get out
  • No more tripping over wires or kicking over fans 
  • Flexible positioning to get exactly the right spot for maximum performance
  • Less interior noise to interfere with communications
  • No other manufacturer can compete with our INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED cfm and setback distances
Weight: 104 Lbs / 47 Kg

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