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The Evolution of Mobile Fire Apparatus

Posted by Bryan on 1/3/2013 to Fire Equipment
The first mobile piece of fire apparatus was a hand drawn pump developed in the 1700s. This early pump was used to augment the efforts of the bucket brigade. These portable pumps delivered water to a fire more steadily and with more force, but had their drawbacks. The physical demands of using such equipment had to be at least equal to the physical strain of filling and passing buckets up and down a line as quickly as possible.

Respiratory Protection Is Needed During Overhaul

Posted by Bryan on 11/13/2012 to Fire Fighting
Firefighting is extremely dangerous work, and during overhaul, firefighters are required to enter structurally compromised structures to open up walls, ceilings, and other types of void space to seek out those still-burning embers. That's why Respiratory Protection Is Needed During Overhaul.

Fire Pumps on Sale Now at Feld Fire

Posted by Bryan on 10/12/2012 to Fire Equipment
We have gas fire pumps, diesel fire pumps, transfer water pumps, and portable water pumps for all your fire service needs. After all, you can never be too careful or prepared when it comes to the ever unpredictable & chaotic situation of when a fire happens.

Firefighting Equipment: From Helmets, Gloves & Boots to Bunker Gear

Posted by Bryan on 6/27/2012 to Fire Equipment
Firefighting is a fascinating profession. For gadget-lovers, few jobs get any better than being a firefighter. This article reviews basic (and not so basic) firefighting equipment from a consumer's point of view.

Getting The Right Firefighting Gear At Feld Fire

Posted by Joe on 6/19/2012 to Fire Fighting
Especially in the dry summer months, the safety our firefighters is a top concern. Especially in some areas of the country, firefighters face possible brush fires and blazes and must risk their lives for the safety of others. Making sure that your city's/town's firefighting equipment is functional and up-to-date is not just a courtesy, it's our duty.
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