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Fire Gear Lockers

To help them and those they protect, emergency responders need gear that is in top condition and will not fail in a crisis. Aside from getting quality equipment in the first place, it is also important to keep gear properly maintained. Proper care and maintenance includes proper storage in fire gear lockers. 

A good fire station should be well organized and clean so that firefighters can do their jobs. When the alarm rings, firefighters need to be able to find their gear, access it, and get into it quickly. They need to know that their equipment is safe and ready. Firefighter gear racks help clear up floor space in the station, eliminate clutter, and keep equipment where it’s supposed to be to prevent complications in an emergency.

Gear should be properly cleaned and stored in fire gear lockers to keep it in the best possible condition. Gear should be washed before it is stored in gear lockers because soot, smoke, and chemicals from fire fuel or suppressant can corrode equipment if not cleaned off. Standing water can do almost as much damage, so making sure that hoses and bunker gear are properly dried is also a must. Many fire lockers are designed to allow total water drainage, keeping your equipment in top condition.

Caring for equipment helps keep emergency responders and civilians safe, as well as saves the station from having to constantly replace it. Buying gear storage equipment like fire gear lockers improves organization, keeps gear in good condition, and helps workers respond faster in a crisis. Contact us for more information on any of our fire station lockers or firefighter gear racks.
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