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Fire Hose

Fire hoses are critically important to any firefighting operation. Lucky for your department, Feld Fire stocks a complete selection of high-quality firefighter hoses, fire hose accessories, reels, adapters and storage racks. With over 60 years of firefighting equipment and supply expertise, FeldFire has you covered!

Designed for a variety of applications, our fire hoses are built to stand up to the most challenging conditions while providing the flexibility you need in your operation. From city streets to the wildlands, we carry traditional fire hoses as well as hose products designed for reel equipment. In addition, we carry the tools and accessories you need to test, maintain, and service your firefighter hoses to keep them in mission-ready shape.

Firefighting Hose Reels & Accessories

Storage, protection, and transportation of bulky fire hoses can be challenging, but Feld Fire has the answer! Our innovative carrying straps and hose strap vices make carrying rolls of hose easier and less clumsy for the individual firefighter. We also carry hose reels, racks, and winders that make gathering and organizing hose a far less arduous task while at the same time protecting your fire hoses from damage while stored.

Feld Fire is your complete shop for fire hoses, fire hose accessories, reels, and adapters. Let us service your hose equipment and supply needs today! You can shop our selection below or give us a call today for more information!
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Jafrib Rubber Hose, LDH 4
Armtex Attack Double Jacket  Attack Hose
Average Rating(1)
Forest Lite Forestry Hose
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Armored Reel Flex Hose, 1
Average Rating(1)
Akron 3 Aluminum Wrench Holder
Akron Hose Hoist
Akron 60° Angle Elbow
Akron 1 1/2'' Coast Guard Fog Head
Akron 2 1/2'' Coast Guard Fog Head
Akron Rigid Direct Connect Base
Akron Rigid Direct Connect Base
Akron Swiveling Elbow
Akron Water Thief
Akron Coast Guard Applicator
Akron 2 Wrench Holder
Akron 2 1/2'' Saber Shutoff
Akron Rampage Electric Master Stream
Akron 125 GPM Foam Truck System
Akron 95 GPM Truck Foam System
Niedner NST Bleed Caps
Niedner Storz Bleed Cap
Niedner RXL-800 Municipal Hose
Niedner Industrial Rack Hose
Niedner 6
Niedner Municipal Ultra Force
Niedner Municipal Reeltex - Red
Niedner XL-800 Municipal Hose
Niedner Municipal Ultra 2000 Hose
Niedner Municipal Supply Line Hose
Kochek Suction Hose Test Kit
Kochek Cap Gauge
Kochek Pressure Relief Valve
Kochek BSP Gaskets
Kochek NPSH Gaskets
Storz Pressure Gaskets
Kochek NH Gaskets
Kochek Storz Suction Gaskets
Kochek ST2 Dry Lubricant Bottle
Kochek NZ Nozzle Dual Range
Average Rating(1)
Kochek NZ Nozzle Tips
Kochek  Ball Shut Off
Kochek Flushing Elbows
Kochek NZ - Constant Flow Nozzles
Kochek TT Holley Transfer Pipe
Kochek 22K Wye Ball Valves
Kochek Suction Hose PVC Rocker Lug
Kochek Storz Folding Long Handle
Kochek Suction Hose PVC Storz
Flamefighter Hose Washer
Hose Winder
Mobile Hose Drier/Tower
Tilting Hose Turntable
Mobile Hose Cart
The Double Donut Strap
The Hose Vice-200
The 100 & 50 Foot Hose Strap
Single Gripper Strap
Kochek Hose Drainer One Man
Two Man Hose Roller
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