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Fire Research Frog Generator Governors
Frog Generator Governors

Fire Research Frog Generator Governors

Part Number:FRA102-A00
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The FROG generator governor monitors and regulates PTO driven generators to maintain a steady frequency of 60 Hz.

The FROG provides a compact way to comply with NFPA requirements for instrumentation on a line voltage power source rated at 8 kW or larger. (NFPA 1901, 2003 Edition,

The FROG is a generator governor and a 'generator output display panel' in the same module. It regulates the frequency of the generator by adjusting the engine speed. This controller will automatically maintain a steady speed regardless of the engine or generator load.

Standard Features:

  • Displays Frequency (in Hertz)
  • Displays Current (in Amps) on Two Lines
  • Displays Voltage (in Volts)
  • Displays Total Accumulated Run Time Hours
  • Saves Panel Space (Multiple Meters in one Compact Display)
  • Interlock Signal Recognition
  • Engine Over-Speed Protection

* The FROG for Detroit Diesel Engines (FRA102) is a generator governor that is based on the FROG D platform. It has features that the standard FROG governors do not. Refer to the FROG Display page for more information.

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