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Fire Research Mansaver Safety Bars & Gates for Toll Plazas
Mansaver Safety Bars & Gates for Toll Plazas

Fire Research Mansaver Safety Bars & Gates for Toll Plazas

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The FRC ManSaver Bar has been used in the fire and emergency service industry for years to help safeguard personnel during operations. This spring-loaded safety bar is now available as a Safety Gate to help safeguard toll plaza personnel.

The SAFETY GATE and STANCHION for TOLL PLAZAS helps safeguard personnel from inadvertently entering active traffic lanes.

Toll plaza staff safety is a critical issue. Established safety rules and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of employees. The Safety Gate is currently in use at toll plazas as an integral part of a complete safety program.

Average vehicle operating speeds through toll plazas are on the rise due to the increase of dedicated Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lanes. Toll collectors, lane walkers, maintenance workers, and vendors servicing equipment who must cross toll collection lanes need safety measures in place to protect them. The Safety Gate is an innovative safety device which will help minimize pedestrian vulnerability to vehicle strikes.

A latched gate or chain can act as a physical barrier at pedestrian access points to traffic lanes, but these safety devices require user action to reset them and can easily be left open negating any benefit they might provide. The Safety Gate is spring loaded so that it always returns to a horizontal closed position. There is no user action required.

The Safety Gate and Stanchion are designed to help safeguard toll plaza personnel in areas where crosswalks and traffic lanes intersect.


  • Simple spring-loaded design that requires no relatching or rehooking by the user.
  • Visible bright yellow or red cover and reflective tape.
  • Durable weatherproof vinyl cover and stainless steel internal components.
  • Rust Proof assemblies made of aluminum extrusion and aluminum bronze castings.
  • Maintenance Free and easy to install.

Current Installations:

  • Florida Turnpike 
  • (FDOT-Turnpike District)
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike 
  • (Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission)
  • Delaware Memorial Bridge 
  • (Delaware River and Bay Authority)
  • Massachusetts Port Authority
  • Miami Dade Expressway
  • New York State Bridge Authority

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