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Flashlights & Strobes

Nighttime water rescue operations can be quite challenging and dangerous. Visibility is one of the biggest challenges faced by rescuers in time-sensitive rescue operations. At Feld Fire, we have an extensive collection of flashlights and strobes that are specifically designed for water rescue work.

These waterproof flashlights and strobes offer great visibility during the night and make rescue work easier and quicker. With batteries that last for several hours, these are ideal for rescue operations. Many of these flashlights and strobes are submersible and therefore ideal for dive teams to use. They can be easily spotted from a distance. All of these flashlights and strobes are easy to use, accessible, extremely tough and durable.

The Firefly Strobe and Flashlight Combo is a great option as it offers both tools in one. This combo floats when dropped overboard and has a long operating life. It is waterproof and offers visibility for more than a mile.

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Pelican L1 LED Flashlight
RQ3 Safety Snap Lights
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