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Flashlights are integral to firefighters. Often rescue workers need to work in low-light conditions such as at nighttime or in smoke. Good visibility is crucial so that rescuers can see what’s going on around them, monitor for threats, and protect civilians in danger. A powerful flashlight is truly indispensable, which is why just any old flashlight won't work for the job. 

A flashlight used to fight fires is going to have to withstand extreme heat, smoke, and shocks. At Feld Fire, our lights are all designed to survive extreme conditions and last for a long time. The tough cases, lenses, and bulbs will not fail when you need them most. 

What Kinds of Flashlights Do We Carry?

Many firefighting flashlights are made with LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, which are very bright and energy-efficient. Halogen bulbs are also common, which are more cost-effective. We offer amber flashlights for those who want an easier adjustment to the dark. It also helps to see the contrast of colors if you are on a search and rescue mission. In addition, many flashlight models have rechargeable batteries, so that they don’t have to be constantly replaced. You won't have to worry about the battery dying unexpectedly while you're on the job. Some kinds are specially designed to be quick-charging so that you don’t have to wait long for them to be fully charged either. 

We also offer lanterns, chargers, and replacement parts for all your lighting needs. Good lighting is an absolute must when fighting fires, and our flashlights can do that for you. To order, browse our selection below or give us a call today!
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