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Fire-fighting foam is designed to cool the heat, coat the fuel, and suppress the combustion of dangerous fires. Foam is an extremely powerful tool to fight fires, and in an emergency responders need tools that won’t malfunction or fail. Our foams are all manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure firefighters’ safety and effectiveness.

Low expansion foams expand to up to 20 times their original size, while those that expand to between 20 and 200 times their size are medium expansion. These foams are good for large areas. High expansion foams expand to more than 200 times their original size and may reach up to 1,000. These are suitable for enclosed spaces that need to be filled quickly.

Class A foams are designed to be mixed with water, decreasing its surface tension and allowing for greater and quicker saturation. This puts a quick stop to combustion and works best with ordinary fuel such as wood or paper.

Class B Foams are made to fight Class B fires that involve flammable liquids. Aqueous film forming foams (AFFF) are based on water and hydrocarbon surfactants, meaning that they can spread out over the surface of flammable liquids. Alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foams (AR-AFFF) resist the action of alcohols and can form a protective film if alcohol is present.

We also sell equipment for the application of foam, such as foam pumps and nozzles. Buy our fire-fighting foam—it’s quick, powerful, and helps suppress almost any fire.
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Denko Alcohol AFFF 3% - 6%
Denko Double Strength ATC 3% - 6%
Denko 3% AFFF
Denko 6% AFFF
Denko Wetting Agent Concentrate
Denko Flash Preventing Emulsifier
Denko Hose Cleaner Concentrate
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