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Forced Entry Hand Tools

Putting out fires is just as much about the small tools as it is the larger ones. We know that not every location will be easy to get into. You will often have to force yourself into smaller or locked places to get the job done. Feld Fire has the high-quality forced entry hand tools you need, including cutting knives, multipurpose tools, multi-pliers, folding knives, serrated edge knives, camping knives, and many more. You never know the next time that you might need a good hand tool to finish the job, so let us help you be well-prepared. Feld Fire has got you covered and then some with great prices and high-quality products that are the best in the industry.

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Explore our vast collection of firefighting hand tools and buy yours today! With 60 years of experience providing equipment and supplies, we know exactly which hand tools are the best for firefighters. Here at Feld Fire, we’ve got you covered!
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FatIvan Door Holder
PAC Strut Base
PAC Flathead Axe Kit
PAC Super Adjustamount
PAC Extended Super Adjustamount
PAC 1.5
PAC 2.5
PAC Irons Lok
PAC Tool Hanger Kit
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