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FoxFury Rook CheckMate LED Flashlight
Rook CheckMate LED Flashlight

FoxFury Rook CheckMate LED Flashlight

Part Number:920-310
Your Price: $249.99
FoxFury Rook CheckMate LED Flashlight
Built to Last

This highly durable flashlight is made of high quality aluminum. It withstands impact and is suitable for use underwater.

Turbo-Strobe Mode

This light features a varying frequency strobe mode is used to disorient individuals when necessary. It is included as a means of self defense so that you have time to get out of harm's way.

Optional Rechargeable Battery Option

Rook flashlights run on two CR123 batteries. If you'd like to use a rechargeable power source, this light can also run on one rechargeable 18650 battery, which could save you time and money in the long run.

Anti-Roll Head

Many flashlights on the market have a round head that cause the light to roll when laid flat. Rook Series flashlights feature a square anti-roll head so that it will stay put no matter how you have it on a surface.

Strike Bezel

In a potentially life or death emergency situation, you may need a little help. The strike bezel is strong enough to shatter your glass car windshield and is effective if/when used in self defense situations


  • Application: Industrial, LE & Military, Recreational
  • Battery Life Low: 3.3 hours
  • Battery Life Medium:3.5 hours
  • Beam Angle 1: 7 degree
  • CE Cert: CE
  • Diameter Body or Handle: 1.1in (28 mm)
  • FYL Battery High: 1.7 hours
  • FYL Max Lumens: 600 lumen

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