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Gas Detection

Gas leaks are a silent but deadly hazard that can lead to fires, explosions, and even death. Reports of gas leaks are something that firefighters have to take seriously since they can still do harm to a person’s health, even if an explosion never breaks out as a result of the gas leak. Feld Fire offers gas monitors that are both affordable and effective. Make sure that you have the right backup with you the next time you get a call about a possible gas leak.

Dependable and Versatile Gas Leak Monitors

The Scott Protégé Multi-Gas Monitor not only detects gas in the area, but oxygen, combustibles, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide as well. Even though the device is one of the most inexpensive gas detection devices that you’ll find on the market today, it’s also one of the most advanced and dependable. The Protégé Multi-Gas Monitor is simple to use and even simpler for you to maintain. It’s designed to fit perfectly in your hand and is optimized to be used in small spaces. Another great thing about this device is that it can easily handle water, dust, and electrostatic shock. There are several safety features included on the gas monitor, such as:

  • Dual alarm bars
  • Vibrating tactile alarm
  • Audible alarm
  • Multiple alarms for battery, peak readings, TWA levels and STEL

  • You don’t want to leave the firehouse without the Scott Protégé Multi-Gas Monitor.

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