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For effective and reliable firefighting measures, all firefighting professionals look for best quality standalone Gauges or complete gauge kits. The best fire fighting Gauges should be manufactured to the standard set by NFPA and ANSI. There are several types of Gauges which are as follows:

Backlit Gauges: Backlit Gauges are liquid filled and has LED lights fitted inside for clear vision. Available sizes include 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 6 inches. Colors are yellow, white, green, blue and red. Under extreme fire conditions, these Gauges help in increasing visibility and the needle is clearly viewed in extreme vibration and pulsation which is commonplace for most fire fighting apparatus.

Freeze proof Gauges: These gauges are manufactured from heat and freeze proof materials that help the equipment sustain extremely low or high temperatures without any damage. The material used in these gauges is heat resistant acrylic. The casing is filled with fluid to ensure clear vision and smooth operation of the needle.

Duplex gauges: this particular type of gauge is generally used to get dual readings at the same time. The needles show two pressure values for both air and water. A spring fitted on a ring facilitates moving of the needle. Generally the dial comes in clearly visible white with black markings on them.

Dry pressure gauges: The dry pressure Gauges come with inbuilt pulsation dampening and freeze protection feature which increases there efficiency several folds. Various sizes are available and they work most effectively under severe fire conditions.

Complete gauge kits with other accessories and technical tools are available. Order below or call our toll free number, 1-800-568-2403.
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