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Grain Bin Tube
Grain Rescue Bin

Grain Bin Tube

Part Number:MF6K
Retail Price:$3,000.00
Your Savings:$300.00(10%)
Your Price: $2,700.00

Comes w/ 6 panels, 1 step, 1 pipe, 4 platforms, carry case

This piece of safety and fire equipment is made of lightweight aluminum, rescuers can easily lift a panel up and join with another to make a grain bin tube. The sleek finish allows the panels to slide easily into grain. Anodized ball/socket joints promote smooth and easy panel connection and are resistant to jamming. The ball/socket joint was specifically designed for this rescue equipment so that  the grain bin tube panels have some range of movement, adding variability to the possible shapes. The bends in the panels along with hinge that runs the entire length of the panel gives the panel added strength and will not cave in on the victim. When the panels are inserted into the grain mass, the grain is removed from around the victim to relieve pressure. Essentially, there are no limits to possible combinations of panels. As long as a ball/socket joint is formed, and there is access to many panels, virtually every rescue scenario could benefit from the use of the Great Wall. The Great Wall should be assembled by three trained first-responders: one for bailing grain, two for building cofferdam. It is not recommended that more than 3 rescuers assist with the installation of the Great Wall in order to avoid complications that may arise (increased pressure on the victim, grain shifting, possible entrapment of rescue workers, etc.) Keep in mind that rescuer body weight is the driving factor in panel insertion

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