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Jawz Water Rescue Tool, Black
Jawz Water Rescue Tool, Black

Jawz Water Rescue Tool, Black

Part Number:J-1B
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One-of-a-kind Tactical Rescue Tool for Scuba Divers

Engineered from the original LIFELINE® Tactical RESCUE tool with the help of world-class master diver Jeff Hirschman and a local Law Enforcement Emergency Services Unit, JAWZ™ is the only underwater self-rescue tool of its kind. From ice diving to the toughest underwater urban environments, JAWZ™ performed exceptionally well. Its fluorescent handles and military blackout options make it the perfect tool for underwater life saving, low visibility, emergency and survival situations. JAWZ™ comes with the LIFELINE™ sheath whose unique design offers options for various access points and smooth one-handed disengagement without any mechanical manipulation.


Introducing JAWZ™ 2.0 Titanium

JAWZ™ 2.0 Titanium now features Grade 38 ATI 425 Titanium Alloy ATI 425 Titanium Alloy which is a high strength, titanium alloy. ATI 425-MIL Alloy was originally developed for ballistic armor applications and exceeds both the ballistic requirements and strength requirements of MIL-DTL-46077 titanium armor plate. ATI 425-MIL Alloy is characterized as a class 4 armor plate by MIL-DTL-46077. The combination of strength and ductility makes it useful for applications that require bending and forming. Those parts can be easily manufactured while still having superior strength. Applications include aerospace, defense, industrial, medical and recreational in applications where high-strength, lightweight materials are required. In addition, the corrosion resistance of ATI 425 Alloy to saltwater environments makes it a candidate for marine-related applications. Titanium sheets are precision flat ground to a standardized 3/16’ thickness. The unique proprietary serrations on all LIFELINE® tools is achieved through a highly time-consuming and technologically advanced machining process. The proprietary serrations are formed through 5-axis machining using a 5-axis mill. The serrations are so complex that it takes over an hour of constant computerized machining to form the serrations on just one LIFELINE® Tool.


Our innovative design and unique manufacturing process result in a multi-functional solution for search and rescue divers as well as military and survival applications. There is no comparable dive tool like this on the market.


The JAWZ™ 2.0 series includes JAWZ™ 2.0 STEALTH as a premium upgrade.


Features & Specifications

Co-Developed with various Law Enforcement Emergency Services Units


3/16-Inch Thick Grade 38 ATI 425 Titanium Alloy


Corrosion Resistant Thermo Plastic Sheath With Innovative Single-Handed Release


Innovative Cutting Surface Comprised of a Highly Sharpened Blade Area that Blends Into Aggressive Serrations and cutting surface on the spine of the tool


Specifically designed to easily cut through all materials commonly encountered under water, such as fishing line, netting, rope, etc.


Lifeline’s Own Ultra-bright Fluorescent Yellow and Pink Handles


Lifeline’s Own Fluorescent Yellow and Pink Handles for Increased Visibility


Premium Upgrade: JAWZ 2.0 STEALTH includes all features above plus: BlackCat™ Coating for increased durability, premium stainless steel hardware powder coated for ‘Black-Out’ effect and superior corrosion resistance and ‘Black-Out’ handle made from a textured G-10 composite material to complete the sleek stealth-like design.

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