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Leather Goods

Leather has been a favorite choice for firefighters for decades because of its strength, flexibility, and flame resistance. It has the added benefit of retaining fewer harmful chemical residues after a standard wash than many other substances. Feld Fire offers a full line of leather firefighting gear and accessories to take advantage of these qualities. 

Leather Fire Belts

It’s important for your fire belt to be able to withstand the environmental stresses that go with the job. Leather fire belts are so popular because their strength and flexibility give you peace of mind while keeping all your gear organized and ready. Feld Fire’s belts are made by Truckman, with welded rings and folds that are both riveted and stitched so they can withstand the toughest use. 

Belt Accessories

Not only does leather make a great belt, but it can also offer you the same strength and durability with your belt accessories because it is less likely to break and cause equipment loss. Feld Fire has a complete selection of leather straps, radio and gun holsters, knife sheaths, flashlight holders, and more. 

Badge and Identification Holders

Your identification needs protection just like the rest of your gear, and leather can keep it secure whether you want to showcase it or just keep it close. Feld Fire has badge holders in a number of shapes and sizes since badges and identification needs are diverse. Leather badge holders can be double-sided or single-sided, with windows or a cutout. 

Choose Feld Fire

Choosing leather gear and accessories from Feld Fire’s leather accessory line gives you an extra level of protection when heading out on a call. Check out our selection below or give us a call today to learn more!
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Strion Open Top Holder
Pelican 7060 LED Closed Top Holder
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S&W K Frame Lg. Frame Revolvers
9MM Autos, Glock 22,17 Holster
3-Slot Pancake Hugger Holster
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