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Call Us: 1-800-568-2403  /  1-712-792-3143 email:

Line Gun & Hose Inflator

Feld Fire has been providing fire fighters, rescue teams and emergency response personnel with the cutting edge tools they need to save lives for over 60 years. When "good enough" just isn't good enough, the most experienced professionals come here to get the best. When it comes to Water Rescue, you need some very specialized equipment to get the job done, and when the job means saving lives, you need the gear you can count on, like ResQmax.

Feld Fire is proud to carry the ResQmax Mark V Hose Inflation System, perfect for swiftwater team use. If you're looking for the highest quality line deployment kits, ResQmax again leads the way, with the RM1010 Line Deployment Kit and the RM1030 Tactical Kit. The Tactical Kit features a fixed grappling hook and 165 ft of 7mm Nylon over Spectra line that can handle up to 5780 pounds. Make sure your team is properly equipped by choosing the tools you need below, or call us, toll-free, at 800-568-2403 to order by phone.

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Line Deployment System
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