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Mounting Brackets

Configuring the layout of a new fire truck, or refitting an older emergency vehicle is your opportunity to outfit your fire truck with the best apparatus equipment. Make the most of the space available by using fire equipment mounting brackets on the inside of compartment walls, as well as the outside of the vehicle. Mounting brackets make tools easily accessible and keep tools from being damaged in transit. Fire truck brackets leave the center of the compartment open for medical bags or specialized equipment.

Feld Fire's mounting brackets are durable enough to carry and protect equipment that is heavy and sharp. Pike poles, axes and other tools that are grabbed and yanked out of the fire equipment mounting brackets by the first-in crew, so your fire truck brackets need to be resilient enough withstand rough treatment and still hold the equipment securely after daily use. Our mounting brackets are made to handle even the most extreme conditions.

As a firefighter, you take pride in the job you do and the tools you use daily. At Feld Fire, we take pride in the equipment we have supplied you for over 60 years.

Whether you are outfitting a brand new pumper with lots of room or refitting a brush rig, you'll need to take advantage of every inch of space available. Order mounting brackets below or call 1-800-568-2403.
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Axe Handle Bracket, Bottom Mount
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Handrail Base Plate
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Quick Mount Plate
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