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NFPA Gloves

At Feld Fire, we understand how incredibly dangerous fire fighting really is and how important your safety gear and protective apparel are. You count on your fire gear every day, from the boots to the gloves to the helmet, all these elements are essential to keep you safe and get you back home in one piece. The importance of your protective apparel means that there is no chance of skimping on quality in order to save a few bucks. At Feld Fire, we only carry top-quality, high-performance protective gear and safety equipment. Of course, we also offer that quality at exceptionally reasonable prices, so you never have to give up quality.

Quick test: How many of your normal fire fighting tasks do you perform without using your hands? That's right, zero. Since your hands are fairly important to get the job done, you should protect them accordingly with structural firefighting gloves. Our collection of NFPA structural gloves below is designed to keep your most important extremities safe and sound, no matter what fire throws at you. Loaded with cutting edge fire retardant, heat resistance, and other safety technology, there are structural firefighting gloves below to fit every hand that holds a hose and faces the heat. We guarantee you'll find the best structure fire gloves in the business at Feld Fire from names like Shelby and Pro Tech to name a few. There are gloves in short cuff, gauntlet, and wristlet styles, with literally every type of protective innovation imaginable. Just click on the NFPA gloves you like to get started, and if you need any assistance, please call us at 1-800-568-2403.

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Shelby 5228 Koala Cow, Gauntlet, NFPA
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Glove Keeper
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Fire Armor Structural Fire Glove
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Fire Hog Structural Fire Glove
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Fire Pro II Structural Fire Glove
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Wildland Fire Glove
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Glove Strap
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