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PRO SAW  Circular Cutoff Rescue Saws
PRO SAW 16" CUTOFF SAW 119 cc 7.9 hp

PRO SAW Circular Cutoff Rescue Saws

Part Number:PS-COS
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PRO SAW Circular Cutoff Rescue Saws

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The Pro-Saw/Cut-Off rescue saw can cut virtually any material; brick, concrete, wood, steel, etc. The perfect fire rescue saw. Ergonomically designed to work in confined spaces. Lightweight and powerful for safe and easy operation. Built tough to meet rescue personnel's extreme demands.

Cut-Off Rescue Circular Saw Features

  • Highest Power To Weight Ratio.
    • There is more power in our smaller saws than many larger saws.
  • Air Injection Centrifugal Air Cleaning System
    • Allows longer intervals between filter cleaning. Reduces wear and operates smoother.
  • Low Vibe System
    • Seperates the handle from the engine, bar and chain. Effectively reduces tiring vibrations.
  • Smart Start Decompression.
    • This valve reduces piston pression while starting. This features reduces required pulling force and makes starting easier
  • Molybdenum Impregnated Piston, Rings, and Cylinders.
    • Molybdenum is a substance that is impregnated into some metals that aid in the lubrication of those metals by coming to the surface as they heat up and receding into the metal when they cool.
  • Advanced 3-Stage Air Filtration System
  • Insulated Handle
  • Combined Choke and Throttle Lock

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