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Piercing Nozzle

As leaders in the industry, Feld Fire understands what firefighters need in their piercing nozzle equipment. It has to provide superior performance in whatever task it's designed for because substandard doesn't cut it in the fire fighting business. It has to be tough and durable because let's face it, this job can beat up a piece of equipment in a hurry. It also has to be affordable because whether you like it or not, that department budget isn't getting any bigger. Feld Fire delivers on all three counts, with an exceptionally wide selection of reasonably priced fire nozzle equipment to help you put the flames out quicker and keep you safer in the process.

Our collection of piercing nozzles features the Flamefighter brand, a brand that has been used a lot in the past 25 years. The Flamefighter series provides long-lasting piercing nozzles and battering rams, either with a 90 degree head for the vehicle or a 2-inch extension model.

All Flamefighter piercing nozzles offer their distinctive safety grip feature for easier application. If the Flamefighter brand doesn't interest you, browse our selection below for more options. If you prefer to shop by phone, you can call us today for professional, quick, and easy customer service. 
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