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Product Spotlight: Innotex Turnout Gear

Posted by Feld Fire on 2/25/2016 to Fire Equipment

Innotex Turnout Gear: Quality, Durability, & Safety

Feld Fire is a proud distributor of world renowned brand for turnout gear, Innotex. As a firefighter, the quality of your gear and apparel is of utmost importance. Every piece of clothing that you wear must be well made and durable, and able to endure all of the duties that you face on a daily basis.

When choosing a brand of fire retardant protective clothing, you can't go wrong with Innotex Turnout Gear. With a long history of professional garment manufacturing, this company is truly an expert in every aspect of the word. They have an incredible knowledge of how to develop, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality turnout gear on the market. Innotex places an intense focus on creating quality, durable apparel that will enhance the safety of every firefighter that wears their clothing.

Features Of Innotex Gear

The secret of high quality clothing is in how it is made, from the design, to the material, to the stitching, and beyond. Innotex Turnout Gear is made with a secure type of stitching to lock the pieces into place and create optimal strength. High density bar tracks are sewn onto all of the stress points, including eight tracks per pocket. The way that Innotex gear is manufactured ensures durability that will last for years to come. 

Not only is Innotex Turnout Gear made for strength and stamina, but it is also designed for your protection. Innotex features a Wristlet Water Evacuation System which reduces water entrapment and protects you against burn injuries. Another special safety feature that they offer is double fly protection, which consists of five layers of protection.

Another benefit that you will experience with Innotex Turnout Gear is the incredible innovation and comfort that their brand provides. With moisture resistant collars and full throat coverage, you can stay comfortable and focused on the task ahead. Innotex features preformed sleeves and retractable action backs to ensure freedom of movement and enhanced mobility.

All of the garments produced by Innotex are manufactured by experienced and professional seamstresses that strive to provide high quality work and a clean, precise finish. The layers of Innotex Turnout Gear are designed to compliment each other, and to fit you perfectly so that you can do the job you are called to do. To browse the Innotex gear that Feld Fire offers, click here.

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