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Product Spotlight: Veridian Fire Protective Gear

Posted by Feld Fire on 4/28/2016 to Fire Equipment
Product Spotlight: Veridian Fire Protective Gear
Veridian Fire Fighting Apparel
Here at Feld Fire, we are proud to distribute the highest quality brands on the market at affordable prices. One of our top selling brands for Fire Apparel is Veridian.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Fire Apparel in the industry, Veridian has earned a reputation of excellence and quality for the past 20+ years. They specialize in custom-tailored fire protective gear for each of their customers. As a firefighter, having gear that fits you seamlessly is of utmost importance. In order to respond quickly to emergencies, your body needs to have the freedom that only top-quality fire apparel can provide. Veridian strives to provide you with exactly that: fire protective gear that is tailor made for you.

The Advantages of This World-Renowned Brand

Veridian manufactures firefighting gear for all applications, including turnout gear, structural firefighting gear, proximity gear, ARFF gear, wildland gear, extrication gear, and fire gloves. By investing in fire gear by Veridian, you will benefit from:

  • Customized measurements that fit you and your specific needs
  • Innovative and performance based design
  • Superior, long lasting materials
  • USA-made, certified factory-made products
  • No compromise in comfort and durability

Three Series of Turnout Gear

Veridian offers three elite series of turnout gear. Here is some information about each line of apparel:

Velocity: The ergonomic design of Veridian's Velocity series is engineered to give firefighters a full range of motion, without any restrictions. Featured with Ultra FlexKnee triple pleated trousers, integrated belt, and semi-high back work, this suit will provide you with ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Valor: The valor series is a more traditional, lightweight fit that will allow you to move fast and freely. It is featured with FlexElbows, FlexKnees, and an Ultra FlexWing Expanded back for continuous comfort for extended periods of firefighting.

Vanguard: Known for it's first class quality and incredible detail, the Vanguard Series is an extremely well made line of fire apparel that will give you the comfort of a traditional fit as well as options for lightweight combinations.

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