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Public Safety

We know that there are many reasons you may need to get into a building fast. Maybe there's a fire building and you need to save the people or animals inside. Maybe you need to get to a sick or dying person who needs your help. Maybe there's a person breaking the law and you need to take them into custody. Whatever the case, Feld Fire has all the tactical breaching tools you need to get in fast. From prying tools to bending tools to rams and other kits, we have it all. Don't be caught in a situation where you can't do your job. Get the tools to train for forced entry and do it right the first time. Call or shop online today!
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5.11 CFX 4.4 Badge Wallet - Black
5.11 VTAC 2 Point Sling
5.11 Rapid PDU Short Sleeve Shirt
5.11 Ems Pant - Unhemmed
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