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Rope Care

As a search and rescue professional, rope is important to you. Not only does it support you as you're heading down to save a victim, but it can be used for countless jobs and activities inside or outside. Rope is versatile and necessary for all you do. At Feld Fire, we recognize that need and have the best rope care products on the market to make sure your rope is in good condition for years to come. We've got everything from roller systems to whip end dip to rope soap and more. Check out our collection below or give us a call today to learn more!
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PMI Whip End Dip
PMI Electric Hot Knife
PMI Rope Soap Bottle 32oz
PMI SMC/RA Edge Roller
PMI SMC Roof Roller
PMI SuperMantle Rope Guard
PMI Spiroll Rope Protector
PMI Canvas Rope Pad
PMI Cord Cordage Meter
PMI Rope ID Kit
PMI Rope ID Markers Book 60
PMI SMC Rope Tracker - Orange
PMI SMC Flex Clip Pad Kit
PMI Bokat Rope Washer
PMI Mesh Laundry Bag
RAT (Roller All Terrain)
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