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Rope Gloves

Browse Feld Fire's selection of rope gloves to find the perfect pair of gloves to protect your hands from damage while on the job. These gloves from Feld Fire are built from high-quality materials to prevent rope burn and cuts while handling rough materials.

Our rope gloves are what you need when low-quality gloves do not hold up to the extreme situations on your work site. The gloves include thick stitching materials to keep your hands protected at all times. They are perfect for firefighters, construction workers, and factory workers who handle dangerous materials with their hands.

Discover the Ringer line of rope gloves for firefighters along with the Shelby collection of deerskin gloves when you shop on our online store. Make sure your workforce is protected by making them wear gloves that hold up for a long time. Minimize damages and insurance claims by decreasing the amount of injuries that occur on the job. Shop our selection online today!
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