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SCBA Mask Bags

An SCBA mask is an essential protective cover used by firefighters and other emergency service personnel; something any worker simply cannot be without. Our lined mask bag makes it so that the gas masks are always protected as much as possible, whether it's from dust, spills or even from exposure to heat and cold that could otherwise damage the workings and integrity of the mask.

These gas masks are one of the most important pieces of equipment that firefighters, as well as many of the people they're saving, can have when it comes to avoiding smoke inhalation. However, as with any other equipment, these masks need to be kept dry, clean and away from any kind of damaging environment so that when the time comes they're ready to be deployed. The SCBA mask bag does that job perfectly.

In addition to protection though, the SCBA mask bag also means that transporting these masks is simple and easy. Ungainly and even awkward unless they're being worn, these masks aren't convenient to carry. However, the SCBA mask bags come with grip handles and shoulder straps, making it easy to grab in an emergency situation as you're heading out the door. To get started, browse our selection below or give us a call today to learn more!
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