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Scotty Products

Feld Fire has been providing top-quality products and service to the fire fighting community for over 60 years, and we're happy to pass that knowledge on to you. Mediocre or sub-par gear will likely get you hurt or killed, so always make sure you use the highest quality tools and equipment possible. There is absolutely nothing more precious than your safety, so any items, protective apparel, or accessories that can keep you protected, the better you will be. At Feld Fire, we only carry superior grade professional firefighting products you need and that starts with Scotty fire gear and tools. We carry a variety of Scotty fire equipment, from basic to highly specialized so you'll be sure to find what you need when you need it. 

Our selection of Scotty Products features their foam delivery systems and accessories. Scotty has been an innovator in the industrial plastics industry about as long as Feld Fire has been around, and their nozzles, applicators, and eductors are known for their precision and long life durability. From the rapid deployment of the Roll & Foam Attack System to the barricade gel and other applicator units, they provide professional-grade foam systems for fire crews and industrial applications. Simply apply a fire hose or other water source, and the system will churn out professional fire extinguishing foam compounds. Browse the equipment below for the best option for you and if you have any questions on which products would be right for you, please call one of our knowledgeable fire equipment experts today!
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Scotty Smooth Bore Nozzle
Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle
Scotty Foam Factory
Scotty Foam Applicator Kit
Scotty Barricade Gel System, 15gpm
Scotty Roll & Foam Attack System
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