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At Feld Fire, we serve a number of tough industries that require heavy-duty gear. If you're in the police force, we offer a variety of concealed carry and holster shirts so you can focus on the job and not where to store your gun. For those in the EMT or firefighting business, we also have regular short sleeve, long sleeve, and polo shirt options for when you’re working at the station or need something durable, yet breathable while cleaning. The shirts we offer at Feld Fire are some of the best heavy duty shirts on the market and are guaranteed to last through heavy wear and tear, helping you get the job done right without distractions.
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5.11 Short Sleeve Utility Polo
5.11 1/4 Zip Job Shirt
5.11 Utili Tee Crew - Pack of 3
5.11 Rapid Assault Shirt
5.11 Helios Short Sleeve Polo
5.11 Covert Shirt Flex
5.11 Utility Long Sleeve Polo
5.11 Rapid Quarter Zip
5.11 Rapid Long Sleeve Polo
5.11 Stryke Long Sleeve Shirt
5.11 Rapid PDU Long Sleeve Shirt
5.11 Stryke TDU Long Sleeve Shirt
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