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Skull Savers

At Feld Fire, we know safety is key. When you're a firefighter, you can't compromise a single second of your safety to get things done. You need to be in great condition to be focused on the job ahead. That's why we offer skull savers for all ladders you might find on the fire truck. When you're moving quickly, it's hard to see everything in your peripherals, which is why we offer these skull savers. These covers go over the ends of ladders that are in dangerous positions so that you can stay safe. This will greatly reduce injuries and time away from work. The thickly padded and brightly colored outer shell is easy to spot from a distance. You can even get an American flag design. This product is waterproof, mildew resistant, and uses velcro straps to keep it in place. To shop online, browse below or give us a call today!
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