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Smoke Machines

When you're training firefighters, you want to create the realest scenarios possible. That can be hard to do when you don't want to start an entire building on fire or just want to run a specific exercise. At Feld Fire, we want to help you create realistic training scenarios with our industrial high-performance smoke machines. 

What Are the Benefits of an Industrial Smoke Machine?

Our high performance smoke machines have many benefits for ease of use, including an easy-to-read LED readout to let the user control the duration, interval, and volume of fog produced. The system uses water-based fluid that is safe to breathe and doesn't leave residue. Many of our options are small to fit into tight spots and have optional wireless remotes. They have overheat thermal protection and are extremely durable, with a focus on power and safety. Many offer a 24-hour continuous run time. 

Trust Feld Fire

We only offer the best products on the market, which is why we have the best prices too. We know that firefighting budgets can be low, but you shouldn't have to worry about not having the materials you need to properly train your team. If you're ready to shop, browse our selection of smoke machines below or give us a call today for more information!
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