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Storz Adapters

A storz adapter is a connection that secures the hose to the source of water. These are different from most water connections in that they don't use threads to lock themselves in. Threads are basically locking mechanisms (kind of like a plastic water bottle top) where you have to turn it into a matching thread. The Storz uses interlocking mechanisms to secure itself to a fire hydrant valve.

What Are The Benefits of Storz Adapters?

Firefighters can use this to quickly set their hose in place so they can get started on fighting the fire quicker. They also won’t have problems trying to find a connection with a matching thread. Sometimes there can be complications securing the hose with a connection because of problems on the thread, such as part of it being worn out or damaged.

The Storz adapter or cap can connect to the fire hydrant valve very quickly. It all comes down to having a cap that matches the measurements of the hydrant ball valve or hydrant gate valve. Because the Storz cap doesn’t use threads, it can be used universally. Different areas will use different threads so using this connection makes it possible to quickly connect to a water source no matter the situation.

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