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We know that fires happen in all seasons and in all places, so you'll likely have a tough situation where you have to decide how to get water to the source of the flames. For those situations where you're on a rural property with no access to fire hydrants in the middle of winter, we've got the perfect solution. Barrel strainers, floating strainers, and all other varieties of strainers are readily available on our site so that you can get the perfect type for your situation.

What are the Benefits of Water Strainers?

Certain strainers are designed to work with gravity, so as the strainer moves towards the bottom of the open water source, the guard swivels underneath to give a clean, stable platform. You'll never have to worry about the flow of the water or any silt or rock coming off the bottom due to the innovative design. These systems are lightweight and easy to carry, are compact for easy storage, and can be connected to a number of different sized hoses. You can't go wrong when you choose a water strainer from Feld Fire. 

We are your #1 source for firefighting equipment in the United States. If you've been looking for the perfect strainer for your unit, browse the selection below or give us a call today!
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